Rush Chair Repair
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All rush types woven: Fiber Rush ~ Natural Seagrass Rush ~ Golden Wheat Rush

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Above: Fiber rush with clear shellac sealer coat applied...

(Lowest cost but greatest longevity)

Above: Natural seagrass rush

(Environmentaly friendly alternative to Bulrush or Cattail rush)

Above: Golden wheat rush

(Highest cost and most fragile)

Some chairs like this Hitchcock above have protector slats around the perimeter to deal with...

Other chairs like the above have a back trap door to remove and replace for weaving access...

Both require extra work which adds to project cost...

The weaving of rush seats, known as rushing, got it's name from the original Cattail and Bulrush wetlands grass used in the process.  Most of the habitat for these grasses is protected wetlands making it inpractical for use.  In it's habitat many species of birds, fish and amphibians call these plants home.  Fortunately we have environmentaly friendly alternatives in fiber, seagrass and golden wheat rush's shown above.  I took these two photos above on a recent hike through the Back Bay in Newport Beach with my wife...

Here's a short video I took of Bulrush while walking through Huntington Beach Central Park


On the same walk a few yards away I came upon Cattail Rush


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